Phytonext is a new generation solvent extraction method using safe and clean liquified gasses. The principle is similar to CO2 technology, using compression for extraction and expansion for separation, but it employs milder process conditions.

Where additional processing is needed with CO2 technology and traditional solvent extraction methods, Phytonext employs a one-step extraction. This results in less processing steps, leading to lower costs and better preservation of valuable components.

Current extraction technologies: intermediate route

The production process is accurately controllable and can be specifically designed according to desired functionality. This results in enhanced selectivity of the extraction and an easy-to-use stand-alone machine.

In summary, the Phytonext technology is characterized by:

No need for further fractionation and purification

Retention of fragile molecules

Enhanced selectivity of extraction

A clean and safe production process

No toxic solvent residues

No acidification of extract

Low pressure and low energy consumption
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