Raak Vezelhennep

Phytonext joined the project “RAAK Vezelhennep” as a supplier of both extraction knowledge as well as hemp extracts using the Phytonext technology. Within the project the HAN University of Applied Sciences researches the physiological effects of CBD extracts, produced using different extraction methods, on the model organism C.elegans. The project is parts of a larger goal to increase the valorization of the hemp crop.

Healthy Texturisers

Phytonext collaborates with Contined and Like Fresh on the development of healthy and sustainable food fibers from vegetable material. In this project several innovative technologies are combined to achieve a high quality end product. This project falls within the OP OOST and is supported by the EFRO from the European Union.


Becanex is a joint venture of Laia’s Proteinhanf and Phytonext, dedicated to providing premium CBD oil from industrial hemp of the highest quality. Becanex distinguishes itself from its competitors by its ability to produce full spectrum CBD oil against competitive costs. The CBD oil is produced according to FSSC 22000 quality standards.


Ofinext is a subsidiary of Phytonext that focusses on the development of herbal medicines from medicinal marijuana. Ofinext offers GMP-compliant full spectrum CBD and THC oils for clinical and scientific research.

Nextgarden Ingredient Farm

Phytonext collaborates with 13 other participants, including growers, educational institutions and technology companies, in the development of a NEXTgarden Ingredients Farm (NIF). The partnership tests whether exotic spices such as chili and turmeric (yellow root) can be grown under glass. The European Union supports this project via EFRO participating in OP Oost.

Cannabis Industry Europe

The cannabis industry is developing very rapidly in North America, but Europe has different dynamics. Through Cannabis Industry Europe Phytonext shares their experience with the cannabis playing field with others.

Cannabis & Sleep

Phytonext is starting clinical trials to investigate the effect of full spectrum cannabis extracts on sleeping disorders.

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