Natural alternatives for synthetic chemicals
Acquire valuable phytochemicals with desired functional properties
Food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries
Discover natural solutions for your industry
Selective extraction
Highly valuable compounds of high purity
Sustainable technology
Mild process conditions and low consumption of energy and material
Compounds of high quality
Crystalline extracts made into micron-sized particles

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What we do

Phytonext is a technology company located in the Food Valley (Wageningen, the Netherlands). We are specialized in selective extraction and particle engineering. Our technology platform provides a novel method for extraction of all natural, highly valuable and fragile compounds and a method for formulating these following your specification requirements.


Smartness from nature


Phytonext is a novel extraction technology that is particularly suited for selective extraction of phytochemicals from natural material, for example vegetables. Many of these phytochemicals have functional properties that can substitute synthetic chemicals that are currently in use. These phytochemicals can thus provide natural solutions for the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.


Particle engineering


The phytonext process not only extracts selectively, it is capable of controllably ‘engineering’ particles. Using our technology, it is possible to generate stable particles of sizes 1 to 5 micron and up from the compound or phytochemical of your interest. Phytonext technology is capable of producing these small particles in a controllable manner, meaning the outcoming size can be tuned to meet requirements.
This offers unique opportunities for among others controlled-release applications and formulation industry.


Healthy texturizers


Currently, Phytonext collaborates with Contined and Like Fresh on the development of healthy and sustainable food fibers from vegetable material. In this project several innovative technologies are combined to achieve a high quality end product. This project falls within the OP OOST and is supported by the EFRO from the European Union.

Operationeel Programma Oost, Europees Fonds voor Regionale Ontwikkeling


NEXTGarden Ingredient Farm


Phytonext collaborates with 13 other participants, including growers, educational institutions and technology companies, in the development of a NEXTgarden Ingredients Farm (NIF). The partnership tests whether exotic spices such as chilli and turmeric (yellow root) can be grown under glass. Read more by clicking on the flyer below or check the project website (both in Dutch). The European Union supports this project via EFRO participating in OP Oost.

Operationeel Programma Oost, Europees Fonds voor Regionale Ontwikkeling


Sustainable technology


The phytonext process offers possibilities similar to supercritical CO2 technology, but employs milder process conditions. A few advantages of the phytonext process are: enhanced selectivity of the extraction, no acidification of extract, low pressure and low energy consumption. Furthermore, it is possible to use natural materials, such as excess plant material, as a starting material for extraction. Phytonext is able to immediately formulate the extract according the desired specifications, alleviating the need for intermediate storage.



Our technology is versatile in its use. If you’re interested in finding out what specific opportunities Phytonext could offer your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re keen to discuss these with you and would be happy to arrange a meeting. We are interested in developing commercial relationships in order to further develop your and our business. We have use for wastestreams of natural material. If you are interested in natural alternatives for synthetic chemicals with specific functionalities we are keen to explore our shared opportunities. Phytonext collaborates with TOP B.V., our partner in the field of application development for the technology. Phytonext and TOP B.V. partner in building Phytonexts industrial scale facility. BOX N.V. assists us in maturing the company from a startup to a stable tech-based SME.

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