Modern society needs new ingredients to stay healthy. Therefore we mildly extract valuable compounds out of natural resources.


Botanical drugs are the medicines
of the future. Safe and effective
production requires new technologies
and approaches.


Consumers demand convenience and ‘all-natural’ products. This offers challenges
in food product formulation with regards
to flavors, colors and active ingredients.


Consumers criticize the use of synthetic chemicals in cosmetics and are looking for alternatives. This offers opportunities for natural fragrances and active ingredients.

These three markets are becoming integrated. Consumers are looking to prevent, instead of curing. It means that a healthy life can only be attained with a wholistic healthy lifestyle like nature intended.

How we do it?

New technologies and approaches are needed to produce the ingredients of the future. Extraction processes play an important role in the production of these ingredients. Current extraction technologies make use of many processing steps, involve intensive processing conditions and use toxic and dangerous solvents.
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